Air Freight Forwarding

Air freight forwarding is the process of shipping out goods through an air carrier. This type of forwarding can be sent practically anywhere, all the destination needs is a place for the plane to land. In addition to being able to be sent anywhere, it is also very time sensitive. Businesses benefit from this the most, because the shipments almost always get delivered where they need to be on a timely basis. One of the greatest benefits when it comes to air freight is that it has a very high level of security because the cargo is managed by airport controls. This is what makes this service one of the most efficient, it has been picking up more traction since the beginning of the twentieth century and now it is widely used.

As for Elemar International Forwarding, we have formed close working relationships with selected airlines. This enables us to ensure even higher degrees of prompt and efficient air freight services worldwide. Our cargo agents both domestically and abroad work directly with airline personnel to guarantee safe and timely transportation of cargo. The long-term working relationships we have nourished have also shown more benefits for us and our customers. We receive the lowest possible rates available; savings which are passed on to you. The handling of each shipment is evaluated to ensure that our internal controls are operating to meet our customers’ needs and to provide the highest level of service required.

In addition, our verification services allow us to proactively identify any problem a shipment might have prior to leaving the country. Remedying the problem prior to international shipment is cost-effective because it allows us to avoid any fines or penalties at destination. Also, product shortages and down time due to lack of replacement parts are minimized or completely eliminated.